Mosques and Muslim leaders ‘united in disgust’ after London Bridge terror attack



Muslim leaders and mosques across the capital have “united in disgust” after the deadly terror attack at London Bridge.

Seven people were killed when three terrorists mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge and went on a knife rampage in Borough Market on Saturday night.

Numerous Muslim leaders and charities have condemned the horrific attack, which was committed during the month of Ramadan.

Dozens of Muslims also gathered to lay flowers at the scene on Sunday morning, holding signs of support and condolence at a sombre makeshift vigil.

London Imam Abdul Quddus Arif called on mosques in the capital to show greater “transparency and openness” in the wake of the attack.

He said: ‘’We are greatly troubled by this situation; we simply cannot tolerate innocents being killed or harmed.

‘’The majority of Muslims are peaceful people who contribute positively to British society. To tackle extremism and radicalisation, we are calling for greater transparency and openness within the Muslim community; Mosques, sermons, religious classes, and Imams/preachers are all public institutions and servants.

“They consider it a victory when we provide them with media platforms and allow them to impact our lives and liberties. We should starve them of both.’’

The three attackers were in a white Renault transit van which ploughed into pedestrians at about 10pm on Saturday.

The knifemen then drove to Borough Market where they began repeatedly stabbing members of the public before being gunned down.

The attackers have been praised on social media by ISIS militants and supporters, though the terrorist group has not claimed responsibility for the atrocity.

On Sunday, the Muslim Council of Britain said committing such an atrocity during Ramadan proved the attackers “respect neither life nor faith”.

A spokesman for the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre, in Tower Hamlets, said: “The attacks carried out in London Bridge yesterday evening are deeply shocking.

“As we have stated before, such acts of mindless violence can never be justified.

“Terrorism, irrespective of guise, is still terrorism. We come together in solidarity with all communities affected by this hatred.”

Jehangir Malik, CEO of London-based charity Muslim Aid, said:  “As British Muslims and members of other faiths or none, our staff are united in our disgust and condemnation for the perpetrators of the recent utterly tragic events in London Bridge and Manchester.

“We totally condemn acts of violence such as this, and are horrified at the targeting of innocent civilians.”

Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been offered messages of support from across the political spectrum after Donald Trump slammed his handling of the terror attacks.

Mr Khan had said he was “grieving” for the victims and said the terrorists “would not win”, prompting the US president to hit out at the Mayor on Twitter.


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