Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia, which also has a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world, with approximately 202.9 million identified as Muslim (88.2% of Indonesia’s total population of 237 million).

The majority adheres to the Sunni Muslim tradition mainly of the Shafi’i madhhab.

Nahdlatul Ulama (Revival/Awakening of Religious Scholars)

Nahdlatul Ulama (also Nahdatul Ulama or NU) is a traditionalist Sunni Islam group in Indonesia. The NU was established on January 31, 1926.

The NU is one of the largest independent Islamic organizations in the world. Some estimates of its membership range as high as 80 million, although it is hard to account for this number. NU acts as a charitable body, helping to fill in many of the shortcomings of the Indonesian government in society; it funds schools, hospitals, and organizes communities or kampungs into more coherent groups in order to help combat poverty.

The Nahdlatul Ulama  was established by Hasjim Asjari (Hadlratusy Syaikh KH. Hasyim Asy’ari), the head of an Islamic religious school in East Java The organization expanded, but the base of its support remained in East Java. By 1928, the NU was using the Javanese language in its sermons, alongside Arabic.

The NU exists to spread Islamic teaching. As well as preaching, it undertakes educational activities through its network of 6,830 Islamic boarding schools, or pesantren. It also owns 44 universities, and is involved in economic and agricultural studies, and social activities including family planning.

The highest body in the NU is the Supreme Council (Syuriah). Under this is the Executive Council (Tanfidziyah).[MMN/]

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